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€ 134,00

€ 59,00

This trouser is indicated for alpine ski,thanks to its new protection system that permits to protect yourself from falls or impacts that can happen in a coming out on the snow, or a crash with a pole. The fabric of the outside is a mono elastic cordura ripstop that permit to decrease the volumes and increase the garment resistance. A new polyurethane membrain with a double elasticity (almost 100%),a water column of 10.000 gr/mq in 24-25 hours, a transpiration of 5.000 gr/mq in 24-25 hours, and a new Teflon treatment that lets the fluids and liquids slide on the fabric in a very speed way,give to the fabric the capacity to not absorb anything, No water, no dirt. A very new jersey with a very high warm party that let come out the moisture. Ergonomic cut, very shaped ( thanks to the elastic fabric ),to decrease the volume of the air to worm between our body and the garment. It lets also bigger freedom of movements. Kevlar bindings on the legs. Two inside legs protections.

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