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€ 204,00

€ 79,00

Available in DIAGONAL fabric or TORAY DERMIZAX monoelastic fabric. Head with ergonomic cut and semi-adherent fit. Detachable cap with zip and adjustable with elastic cord, button closure. Dividable front zip protected with two fabric skins, sealed together with buttons. Two pockets at chest height and two at waist height, zipped and covered with windproof skate. Submenic Zip to optimize head aeration, adjustable waistband wrists and buttons, skipass door pocket in zip closure left sleeve. Inner Column in Terinda for a better softness and high abrasion resistance, customizable label on the couch. Internally right multipurpose MP3 / mobile phone pocket with headphones pass and left pocket zipped pocket. Anti-slip gasket with buttons and anti-slip elastic at the bottom of the waist. Adjustable base with elastic and stopper.

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