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Reduced price! GIACCA TEAM SR


€ 286,00

€ 99,00

Winter and winter silicone polyester wool, 4 inside strips: high tennis nylon, polyurethane membrane, 100% polypropylene elasticized hammer and nylon meryl100% silicone polyurethane membrane. Water column of 20,000 gr / mq in 24/25 hours, 10,000 gr / mq transparability in 24-25 hours and external teflon treatment that lets to fluid fluids and liquids very future, fabric does not accept water or sports. Innovative treatment antipilling and abstract resistance to 50,000 cleansing and velcro cycles.
Underground zip capacity, outside outdoor hood, anti-water zip, 3 outdoor pools more skipass door pocket, 2 internal pockets (1 with zip and 1 with network), ghetta with anti-cutting button and adjustment on the fund. N
ew neck in the most comfortable terrace.

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