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The Energiapura Long Back Protector starts a new generation of back protectors; its
latest version is the result of a long developement study that took to the CE certification
specific for skiing. The market offers also other products with motorcycling certification
at room temperature. Energiapura certified the product also at temperatures down to
– 20° C, and therefore it is the first company to offer a product with double certification,
studied and designed specifically for winter sports. The effectiveness of the back
protector is guaranteed by the CE certification in the back protections category. This
means that the tests carried out on the product follow the article 10 of the European
Directive 89/686/EEC regarding the essential requisites for wealth and safety of
the users. More specifically, the product follows the requisites of the EN: 1621-2:2014
Norm for motorcycling and winter sports. Laboratory tests carried out at temperatures
comprised between 0°C and -20°C (and at 21°C, room temperature) simulated the
extreme conditions that can happen during the winter sport activities.

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